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HVAC Sales in Orlando

Call Certified Climate Control for honest HVAC sales.

When your air conditioner or heater has decided to give you its final burst of air, call on the friendly and experienced experts at Certified Climate Control. Our HVAC sales team will help direct you to the perfect replacement option for your home or office. Having a team of pros who care about you and are on your side is imperative to not overspending or buying a subpar product. We are not in the business of hard-selling overpriced air conditioners or heaters. Our team dedicates ourselves to getting you the best option for the best price. We even provide special 12-month financing for those customers who qualify through Wells Fargo. Give us a call as soon as you notice an issue with these HVAC appliances. We’re available to answer your calls Monday through Saturday, 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM. Closed Sundays.

Daikin Comforting Cash Program

Limited time only Up to $1100 cashback on qualifying Daikin Fit systems. Call now for details.

*not to be combined with other offers.

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Our Warranty

In addition to the high-quality air conditioner, you will receive a 12-year all parts warranty and a 5-year labor warranty.

Answering your calls Monday through Saturday, 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM. Closed Sundays. Give us a call now!

Orlando (Seminole & Orange Counties): 407-888-0678
Volusia County: 386-675-6963

*Financing is available with approved credit. All prices include basic equipment replacement and permitting. If additional work is required for code, additional cost may apply. Horizontal applications are an additional cost. This offer is available to residential homeowners only.

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Importance of Purchasing the Right HVAC System

Having a team of heating and cooling professionals on your side when shopping and purchasing new HVAC equipment like ours is pivotal to your experience. Our staff helps you find the right one to fit your needs and the size of your space. While many other companies simply want to sell you the larger or more expensive options, Certified Climate Control has your back. Check out the cons of not buying the right size unit for your office or home:

Too Large: If you buy an air conditioner that is too big for your home, you could see issues with inefficiencies and spend too much upfront. Your AC may turn off and on more frequently than necessary to keep your space cool. You will also spend much more upfront when initially purchasing the unit. There may be additional costs to make space for the installation.

Too Small: Getting an AC or a heater too small for the size of your home or office may save you money initially, but the costs will only go up from there. It will have to work harder than ever to maintain (if it even achieves it), the temperature you need to keep everyone comfortable. This will require frequent trips from our professionals to provide the necessary HVAC services to keep them up and running. You may even have to replace the unit prematurely. Because it has to work so hard, you will also see a reflection in your monthly energy bills as they will continue to climb.

Signs You Need a New HVAC System

Unsure if you need Certified Climate Control to send an HVAC salesperson to your house? Give us a call, and we would be happy to inspect the appliances and give you an upfront, and honest answer or suggest HVAC services like repairs or maintenance. You can also be on the lookout for all of the following items:

Odd Sounds

While all mechanical appliances around the house make some noise when operating, you will want to pay close attention when your air conditioner and the heater turn on and off when delivering your desired air. Loud clanks, bangs, knocks, and other off-putting noises can alert you that something is wrong. Depending on the repair, it may be easier to replace your current model.

Strange Smells

The air coming through your vents should be invisible and odorless. If you smell something odd each time your heater or air conditioner turns on, then you know it’s time to call Certified Climate Control. There could be something seriously wrong, and the HVAC system could be bringing in harmful air contaminants.


Most HVAC systems have about a 10-15 year lifespan before they need to be replaced. Having Certified Climate Control perform regular maintenance and repairs will help them reach the latter numbers of those years. Without these services, your appliances will need replacing sooner, causing you to spend more money. While repairing and maintaining your A/C or heating unit, we can give you a good idea of when you should start saving money for newer models.

Frequent Off and On

If you notice your HVAC system turning off and on more frequently, call Certified Climate Control. Our experts will get to the bottom of the issue and discover if you need a replacement or not. When it starts acting this way, it means the system cannot keep up with the demands of your temperature, and it has to work harder to get there.

Many Repairs

Having your system repaired more than twice a year is a sure sign a replacement is on the horizon. The experts at Certified Climate Control can help prepare you for when it is necessary to replace the unit while delivering repairs to keep it running until then.

High Repair Cost

When looking at a high-cost repair for your air conditioner or heater, you may want to think about the cost of a complete replacement. If you find a replacement unit and the repair is more than half that cost, we suggest getting the new units to help reduce the amount of spending you need to do.

Top-Notch HVAC Brands We Work With

When shopping for a new air conditioner or heater, Certified Climate Control can show you some of the industry’s best options when it comes to cost, efficiency, and performance. Finding units with all three factors can be difficult, and if you are not careful, a salesperson can trick you into spending more money than necessary. Daikin, Bryant, Lennox, and others are some of the best manufacturers you can work with looking for replacement options. Our team can answer all your questions during the process as well.

Rely on Certified Climate Control for HVAC Sales

Our experts have studied our air conditioners and heaters inside and outside to help you find the right unit for your home or office. We do not try to oversell you on options that will not work best for your space. We want to keep everyone in your space happy, healthy, cozy, and comfortable. You can also count on us when you have questions about your current system or the installation process. Give us a call, we are available to answer your calls Monday through Saturday, 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM. Closed Sundays. Orange County and Seminole residents who are interested in our services can contact our office at 407-888-0678, and Volusia County residents can inquire about our company by calling 386-675-6963.

*Limited availability first come first serve basis

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12 Months Special Financing*

*Available with approved credit on the purchase of a new air conditioning & heating system. Financing provided by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. with approved credit.

Please keep in mind that Wells Fargo Retail Services cannot provide legal advice to clients. The disclosures were drafted to satisfy the requirements applicable to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Please consult your own attorney/s for advice regarding your applicable advertising requirements.

This offer is available to residential homeowners only. This offer may not be combined with any other offers. No dealers, please! Prices are after all power rebates and discounts.

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