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In the heat of summer, stepping into a cool home can feel wonderful, offering a needed escape from high temperatures and humidity. For people seeking air conditioning units near Orlando, there are several options available.

 Air conditioning units near Orlando

Window Air Conditioners

Likely the cheapest option, window air conditioners are often appealing because of the low cost and ease of installation. The operation of this type of air conditioning system is usually straightforward. As implied by their name, window air conditioners must be installed in a window, and the gap left between the unit and the window frame will require filling. People commonly choose wood or clear polycarbonate glass for this purpose.

Ductless or Split Air Conditioners

Technically referred to as packaged terminal air conditioners, these cooling systems are less expensive to install than central-air systems, which are able to cool all or most of the rooms in a home. Ductless air conditioning, though less of an investment, actually costs more per ton of cooling required than most other systems. This option is a popular choice for homeowners who wish to have climate control in rooms where their HVAC systems don’t reach, such as garages or sunrooms. Split air conditioners typically consist of an outdoor condenser component and a smaller indoor unit that connects through the wall of the house.

Portable Air Conditioners

One of the most versatile options for keeping a space cool is a portable air conditioner. Unlike most other air conditioners, portable ones require no installation and can be placed in any room that you want to cool down. Some portable air conditioners even have heating and dehumidifying options for increased climate control. Although highly convenient, this option is usually more expensive than window air conditioners.

Central Air Conditioners

For cooling an entire house, central air conditioners are a great option. These cooling systems consist of an outdoor unit with a combined evaporator, condenser, and compressor. Air is pulled from inside the house through ducts, cooled, and then pushed back into the home.

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