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HVAC technician performing maintenance

Living in Florida means you rely on your air conditioner for home comfort throughout much of the year. Then, your furnace is crucial for staying comfortable when the temperature drops in the winter. The best way to ensure peak performance in every season is to schedule routine HVAC maintenance. Consider why you should prioritize yearly tune-ups and how you can benefit even more when you sign up for an HVAC maintenance plan.

Benefits of HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Even if your furnace and air conditioner seem to be running fine, it pays to have them inspected yearly. Spring is the ideal time to maintain your AC, and fall works well for furnace tune-ups. Here’s how these visits benefit you:

  • Longer service life: Preventive maintenance is the number one way to prolong the life span of your HVAC system. Having a few more years of dependable performance saves you money on premature replacement costs.
  • Lower energy bills: Another way that maintenance pays for itself is by lowering your monthly utility costs. By operating smoothly, the HVAC system keeps your home more comfortable with less energy.
  • Fewer breakdowns: Yearly tune-ups give your technician a chance to find and fix small problems before they become big headaches. This saves you money on repair bills and prevents inconvenient, midseason breakdowns.
  • Improved home comfort: If you deal with inconsistent temperatures or high humidity, bring up these problems during a maintenance visit. Odds are your technician can perform some adjustments to make your home more comfortable.
  • Preserved warranty: Many HVAC manufacturers require routine maintenance as part of their factory warranty programs. If your unit breaks down unexpectedly, you’ll only have total warranty coverage if you can show proof of regular tune-ups over the years.
  • Peace of mind: Following an HVAC tune-up, you’ll have complete confidence in your furnace or air conditioner throughout the coming season. Nothing can replace the feeling of knowing your HVAC system is running smoothly and safely.

Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Plan With Certified Climate Control

Once you understand the benefits of maintaining your heating and cooling system, you might be interested in signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan with Certified Climate Control. We offer three plan levels—Standard, Premium, and Prestige—all of which include two 24-point tune-ups per year.

The benefits of being a Certified Protection Plan member go beyond simply keeping your equipment maintained. Here’s what to expect:

  • Convenience: Life gets busy, so it’s incredibly helpful to have a pre-scheduled HVAC maintenance visit every six months.
  • Familiarity: After the first few tune-ups, you become well acquainted with your HVAC contractor and look forward to their visits. The technician also gets to know the quirks of your heating and cooling system, helping maintenance and repairs go smoothly every time.
  • Priority service: Being a Certified Protection Plan member means you go to the top of the list when you call in for an emergency repair. In most cases, you can expect same-day service, which is great news if your AC breaks down on a sweltering summer afternoon.
  • Duct sanitization: All maintenance visits from Certified Climate Control include a ductwork inspection. However, only our Protection Plan members get free duct sanitization (antimicrobial spray) with every tune-up. This service helps you breathe easy by removing debris that can cause your asthma and allergy symptoms to flare up.
  • No overtime fees for after-hours service: Emergency visits are sometimes unavoidable, but they can add up fast. With an HVAC maintenance plan, you can request an after-hours visit at no extra cost.
  • Repair discounts: Routine maintenance decreases your need for HVAC repairs, but when breakdowns happen, you’ll enjoy 10, 15, or 25 percent off parts, accessories, and service, depending on which plan you sign up for.
  • System replacement credits: For each consecutive year you remain a Protection Plan member, you earn system replacement credits to help pay for equipment upgrades. These credits amount to $50 per year (up to $500), $75 per year (up to $750), or $100 per year (up to $1,000), depending on which plan you have.
  • Free HVAC on-adds: As a thank-you for choosing Certified Climate Control, we offer our Premium Protection Plan members a free HVAC surge protector, and our Prestige Protection Plan members receive a free germicidal UV light.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

For dependable HVAC maintenance near Orlando, look no further than Certified Climate Control. Our team has years of experience servicing HVAC systems of all kinds, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, and more. We operate as a preferred dealer for Daikin, Bryant, and other leading HVAC brands and retain an A+ rating with the BBB for your peace of mind. Reach out to us today to schedule your next HVAC maintenance visit in Orange, Seminole, or Volusia County, FL.