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If you’re considering air conditioning installation in Orlando, you may be wondering if this investment is right for your home. Here are a few helpful facts about your air conditioning replacement:

3 hvac systems in a row

When to Replace

There are a few important indicators to watch for if you’re considering replacing your air conditioning. If your AC’s heat pump is more than 10 years old, replacing it with an EnergyStar-approved unit can significantly reduce both your heating and cooling costs. AC units that make loud noises when they run, even after repairs, may have multiple failing components. If you find yourself calling HVAC technicians too often, this is a good sign that you can benefit from a replacement system.

Why Replace

One of the most common motivators homeowners have for replacing their air conditioning is the promise of lower energy bills. If you plan to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, AC replacement can turn out to be a lucrative investment for your household. Additionally, you can benefit from a new AC system if you have rooms that remain too hot or too cold. This problem is often caused by leaky ducts or improper installation. Also, a home that seems abnormally dusty may be suffering from a deteriorating duct system. When seals begin to degrade or ductwork moves out of place, the unit can send dust particles into your home that it sucks from the surrounding air. New air conditioning can also solve humidity issues in your home, and you’ll also benefit from an updated thermostat, which will allow you to program the system to maintain the ideal environment for when people aren’t home.

How to Replace

A successful air conditioning replacement relies on two vital elements: that you purchase a unit made from a quality manufacturer, and that you opt for professional installation. High-quality air conditioning units will improve your home’s energy efficiency and provide superior climate control options. Professional installation ensures that your new system will be installed properly, offer maximum efficiency, have a long lifespan.