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The air quality inside your home has a significant impact on your family’s health. Airborne pollutants may come from many sources in Orlando, including the outdoor environment, the cleaning products used in your home, and a dirty or poorly-maintained HVAC system. There are a number of steps you can take to improve the air quality inside your home and maintain a healthier indoor environment.

man fitting air conditioner

HVAC Maintenance

As dust and dirt accumulate inside your air conditioner or furnace, these particles can be distributed throughout your home every time your HVAC system activates. Performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system will keep it clean and prevent the continued circulation of airborne allergens. Make sure to change your furnace filter regularly—a dirty filter will not screen out additional particles and actually puts strain on your heater or air conditioning. Schedule an HVAC inspection and AC tune-up at least once a year, during which a certified technician will examine, clean, and repair your system as needed.

Increase Ventilation

Pollutants can build up inside your home without the introduction of clean air from outside. In fact, the air inside many homes is three to five times more polluted than the air outdoors due to a lack of air exchange. Increasing ventilation by opening doors and windows or running kitchen and bathroom fans will reduce the concentration of pollutants in your home and introduce fresher, cleaner air for your family to breathe.

Reduce VOCs

Many products found in the home produce volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which can affect both short- and long-term health. You can improve the air quality in your Orlando area home by purchasing cleaning products and home furnishings that do not emit VOCs. Try to limit indoor use of chemicals such as paints, lacquers, and paint thinners or strippers whenever possible and complete art or home improvement projects outdoors.