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Certified Climate Control in Orlando FL Logo

Certified Climate Control is a Better Business Bureau-accredited air conditioning service serving the Orlando area, including Winter Park, Longwood, and Altamonte Springs. We offer a variety of HVAC maintenance and repair options to keep your home or business comfortable all year long. Whether you are looking for qualified maintenance of your current air conditioner or sales and installation of a new HVAC system, Certified Climate Control is here to help.


Are you concerned about the performance of your current HVAC system? Certified Climate Control can perform a thorough evaluation of your air conditioner, including air flow and air quality analyses to determine how your AC is performing. Our technicians will also inspect your ducts for leaks and evaluate your home’s insulation to calculate if these factors may be affecting your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Maintenance and Repairs

The experienced technicians at Certified Climate Control specialize in air conditioning services including maintenance and repairs. We can help you keep your current air conditioner running at peak efficiency with yearly signature AC tune-ups so you can enjoy lower energy bills and higher indoor air quality. If your air conditioner requires adjustments or replacement parts, we will be happy to make the necessary repairs to ensure your continued indoor comfort.

Sales and Installations

Is it time to purchase a new air conditioner? Let Certified Climate Control provide the assistance you need to make the right choice. In addition to HVAC maintenance and repairs, we also offer air conditioner sales when a new unit is necessary. We pride ourselves on providing no-pressure service and sales so you will feel comfortable with your final decision. Our technicians also specialize in home AC installations to make the transition process smooth and easy. Because proper installation is one of the most important factors in your air conditioner’s long-term performance, we utilize the latest technology to make sure the job is done properly.

Regular HVAC maintenance and repairs are necessary to keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently. Talk to your HVAC technician for more information about your home’s indoor comfort needs.