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Emergency A/C Repair in Orlando, FL

Has your A/C unit abruptly stopped working during a hot summer day? Have no fear. Certified Climate Control is here to provide emergency A/C repair in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Our team offers emergency repairs and replacements every day of the year for your maximum convenience. We’ll quickly restore your unit so you can get back to feeling good again. We are here and ready to answer your calls Monday through Saturday, 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM. Closed Sundays.

man repairing ac unit

Contact Us for A/C Service

When your A/C unit suddenly breaks down during the hottest day of the year, you don’t have time to wait around before discomfort sets in. If your A/C needs an emergency repair, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Our team is available to answer your calls Monday through Saturday, 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM. Closed Sundays. We arrive promptly during the most unforgiving temperatures and perform emergency air conditioning repairs until the job is done right. Our emergency repair services will revive your unit and make you cool once again.

Common Types of A/C Emergency Failures

If you’re A/C dies out or stops working without warning, it may be because of the following issues:


Forgetting to replace or clean out an air conditioning filter is an honest mistake that many homeowners make, but forgetting can lead to more damage and costs in the future. A clogged filter restricts airflow and the cool from circulating throughout your home. We recommend cleaning or replacing your filter every month to maintain quality.


If your A/C isn't pumping out air at the appropriate temperature, then you may have a coolant leak on your hands. A coolant leak negatively affects a unit's ability to function correctly and to your preferences. The only way to prevent a coolant leak is by scheduling routine inspections and maintenance.


Breakers and fuses regulate the amount of electricity flowing through your A/C system. They are in place to protect your A/C unit's compressor from overheating or breaking down. Failed fuses or breakers can leave your compressor vulnerable to overheating, leading to your motor dying without warning.


Your A/C unit's compressor is among its most essential parts. Compressors provide the energy needed to power the refrigerant throughout your home and give you comfort on a hot day. You're A/C unit will cease to function and produce cool air if your compressor suddenly fails. We recommend repairing your compressor immediately.

How Do I Prevent Emergency A/C Repairs?

Sometimes, same-day emergency air conditioner service is crucial during peak temperatures. However, the best way to keep your home at a cool, comfortable temperature is by scheduling routine checks and preventative maintenance. We assess your unit’s parts, components and fluids during routine inspection and look for signs of potential failures. We then fix any apparent problems to keep your unit in prime condition.

Receive Immediate Relief From the Heat

You don’t have to wait around during the hottest days of the year to get your air conditioning fixed. Our team will receive your call and come out to your home or business promptly, providing the services your A/C needs to get back to normal. Contact us today if you need emergency A/C repair.

Contact Certified Climate Control Today!

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