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Air Conditioning Services in Daytona Beach, FL

Certified Climate Control is a leading provider of air conditioning services in Daytona Beach, FL. If you live in the area and require an A/C repair, replacement or installation in your home or business, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to schedule an exceptional A/C service.

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Daytona Beach Air Conditioning Repair

Every Floridian is familiar with the state’s intense heat and humidity. Over time, the elements will cause your A/C unit to wear and tear. If you notice anything off about your unit, such as abnormal noises or weak airflow after turning it on, you should have your unit inspected because it most likely needs a repair.

We have the knowledge, equipment and capabilities needed to restore your A/C unit. Our team starts by giving your air conditioning unit an inspection to discover the source of your issue. We evaluate your unit’s parts and determine what repair service is needed. Our repairs will get your unit in working condition and make your home or business feel comfortable again.

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Daytona Beach Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Is your A/C unit approaching the end of its lifespan? Does it break down, malfunction or refuse to operate functionally even after your latest repair? Are you moving into a brand-new home or business space that needs air conditioning? If so, we can help. We perform careful A/C unit installation and replacement for the top HVAC brands on the market. We’ll safely remove your old unit and install your brand-new one to your complete satisfaction.

Daytona Beach Air Conditioning Maintenance

Many homeowners forgo routine air conditioner maintenance until noticeable signs of disrepair occur. However, scheduling regular maintenance can reduce or prevent most issues entirely. By waiting for apparent signs of A/C malfunction, you’re all but guaranteeing costlier repairs and more hassle in the future.

Prevent A/C damage before it ever occurs. Our routine and preventative maintenance services ensure that your A/C unit works throughout the year. We will regularly inspect your unit and look for early signs and concerns, addressing them as we go. We give your unit a thorough cleaning and lubricant refresh to keep it in prime condition.

Daytona Beach Heating

Don’t allow our typically warm climate to trick you into thinking that heating system care is unnecessary. Heating and cooling systems rely on each other to function correctly. A healthy heating system gives you a healthy cooling system and vice-versa.

We take care of all aspects of your HVAC system, including heating repair, maintenance and installation. We’ll monitor your HVAC components to ensure its in working condition year-round. Our HVAC services will improve the air quality of your home and save you significantly on your monthly energy bill.

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