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Comforting Heater Repair in Orlando, FL

We live in a warmer climate, so when cold weather strikes, it can severely disrupt your comfort. If your heater quits working during cold spells, enlist the team at Certified Climate Control to restore your comfort with heating repair in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas, including Orange, Seminole, & Volusia counties. We provide services for small and large-scale heating issues, completing them promptly so you can get back to feeling good in your environment.

man repairing ac unit

Common Heater Problems

We’re fortunate enough to have a warm climate keeping us comfortable throughout the year. However, if colder temperatures do strike, the last thing you want is a damaged, broken or malfunctioning HVAC/Heater system. Colder temperatures can turn your home into an unpleasant environment.

If your heater is refusing to work, it may be due to the following reasons. If so, we’ll perform heater and HVAC repairs quickly and efficiently.

  • Clogged Filtration: A blocked-up filtration system must be thoroughly cleaned to function correctly again.
  • Broken Starter: Though the rest of your heating system is fine, the starter may be damaged and out of commission.
  • Damaged Heat Exchanger: The transfer of heat may be obstructed by an object or build-up.
  • Old Blowers: Over time, your heating blowers will degrade and wear out after repeated use.

How to Know You Need Furnace Repair

Symptoms you need heater repair are usually easy to detect. Your furnace can tell you there’s an issue by making odd noises or failing to turn on. We recommend monitoring your furnace and checking for the following signs regularly.

If you notice any of these, schedule an inspection with our trusted and dependable HVAC company:

  • Your Furnace Won’t Turn On: The most obvious sign that your heater needs repairing is failing to turn on. Failure to turn on can be caused by a wide range of issues that can be diagnosed by a professional.
  • Your Furnace Turns Off and On Randomly: Do you hear your furnace clicking on, off and on again at random? If so, there’s a high chance that a mechanical failure is to blame.
  • Lack of Hot Air: Your furnace should heat your home, so why does it refuse when you turn it on? If you feel cool air blowing or air that is at an inappropriate temperature, give us a call.
  • Unusual or Alarming Noises: Heaters usually make some noise after long periods of inactivity. However, unusual or intense rattling, clattering or screeching from your heating or HVAC should alarm you and inspire you to schedule an inspection.
  • You Detect Water Leaking from Your Unit: Leaking water is typically the result of clogging, a break in your condensation line or a problem with your furnace pump. If you detect leaking water, we can help by diagnosing the issue.

Dependable Heating Technicians From Start to Finish

Heating systems are easy to forget when you live in our climate, but they’re just as necessary to repair and maintain as your A/C. Repairing your entire HVAC system will give you power over your comfort level. Our team is trained and certified to work on every aspect of your HVAC system, ensuring its quality year-round.

Contact Certified Climate Control Today!

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