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Air Conditioning Services in Orlando, FL

Certified Climate Control is a leading provider of air conditioning services in Orlando, FL. We’ve got you covered if you live in the area and require an A/C repair, replacement or installation in your home or business. Give us a call today to schedule an exceptional A/C service.

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Orlando Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioning unit is a vital component of your home and business. A/C units keep you cool and comfortable, and they improve and maintain healthy air quality throughout the year. During the intense heat and humidity of a Florida summer, the last thing you want is for your A/C unit to break down.

Our technicians possess the equipment and training to restore you’re A/C to its optimal condition. We will quickly diagnose the issue, checking your A/C unit’s compressors, coils and ductwork to locate the source of your problem.

We understand that when you’re A/C unit suddenly quits working during the sweltering heat, you don’t have time to wait. Our technicians are available for emergency fixes. Answering your calls Monday through Saturday, 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM. Closed Sundays. We’ll arrive at your property fast and get your air conditioning back on track.

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Orlando Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Experts recommend replacing your A/C unit when it is 10 years or older. If your unit is at least that old and starting to show signs of degrading, we think it’s time for you to get it replaced. Getting a new unit is often much more cost-effective than scheduling regular repairs and maintenance and provides your home or business with enhanced cooling and air quality.

We will properly install a new unit and replace your old unit with care. Our team will check your new unit’s parts and components before, during and after your installation to make sure it functions properly after we leave. Your unit will meet the size and dimensions of your property and perform optimally while staying out of your sight and mind.

Orlando Air Conditioning Maintenance

Sometimes, all your A/C unit needs is a minimal tune-up to ensure it keeps you cool throughout the year. That’s where our scheduled routine and preventative maintenance comes in. Our team provides complete inspections of your unit and checks every part including your compressor, coil, filtration system and beyond.

Our A/C unit inspections will find any concerns or issues with your unit and prevent more problems in the future. We provide your unit’s parts with a thorough cleaning, removing any clogged debris negatively affecting your unit’s ability to function correctly.

We offer one-time service and routine scheduled maintenance for homes and businesses within our service areas. Contact us today.

Orlando Heating Services

Though we live in a generally warm climate where cold weather isn’t a prominent issue, it still happens. When the occasional cold sets in, you don’t want to be left helpless and shivering due to a broken or damaged heating system.

Our team services all aspects of your HVAC systems to keep you comforted year-round. We’ll repair, install and perform maintenance on your system—including your heat pump—to turn your heat on and off with ease and peace of mind when you need it most. Our complete HVAC maintenance will cut your costs and gives you your preferred comfort level on demand.

Contact Certified Climate Control Today!

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