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Air Conditioner Services in Orlando, FL

Do you want to install a new A/C or HVAC system in your home or business or repair an existing unit? Is the sweltering heat of summer or the chill of the cooler months beginning to bother you? If so, trust Certified Climate Control to provide your home or business with air conditioner services in Orlando, FL including Seminole, Orange, & Volusia counties. Our locally owned, operated and award-winning company has served countless families and businesses throughout the area, ensuring their comfort and safety in the warm and cooler seasons. We’re among the most dependable Florida HVAC companies, and we’re ready to serve you next. Contact us today.

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Service Areas

Having a functional and efficient A/C system is crucial for maintaining the comfort and happiness of homes and businesses in our area. If you need A/C or HVAC repair, replacement or installation in the following areas, our team will come out to inspect your home and develop a customized HVAC solution right for you:

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What We Do

We offer the following HVAC services to families and businesses from Orlando to Daytona Beach and everywhere in between.

  • Repair: Schedule a repair for your damaged or malfunctioning A/C or HVAC system to restore its quality.
  • Maintenance: We service many leading air conditioner brands with routine maintenance and scheduled checkups.
  • Installation and Replacement: Ready to get rid of your old A/C unit? Contact us for a complete A/C installation or replacement in Florida.

Give Us a Call

If you’re a resident or business within our service areas and tired of feeling miserable due to outdoor temperatures, allow us to restore your comfort with our A/C and HVAC services. We’ll ensure your new or old unit functions as good as new. Our team gives homes and businesses a much-needed boost to their heating and cooling, and we’re on standby to serve you next.

Contact Certified Climate Control Today!

Orange / Seminole County    Volusia County